We prioritize the well-being of our employees as a core value. Each of our consultants is unique in terms of their skills, career aspirations, interests, and development needs.

Our objective is to ensure the happiness of our consultants.

In consultation with our consultants, we carefully select missions that align with their individual goals and preferences, ensuring that they will find enjoyment in the industry, mission, and client team they will be working with.

At HRBD, we have a tailored and unique career development plan for each of our employees, with the ultimate objective of maximizing their human potential. Our “happiness formula” consists of a winning combination of a fulfilling mission, a supportive team, competitive salary packages, and ample opportunities for professional growth and development.

We offer a transparent career progression plan that fosters growth and excellence.

Engineers, computer scientists, geeks, business solution builders. Put your talents to use where opportunities are limitless and make a difference every day.
Non-European Citizen
If you are a non-European citizen or resident, our HR team will handle the processing of your work permit and residency. We are committed to providing comprehensive administrative support to our employees throughout their relocation, including navigating the public administration of their new home country, and assisting with integration and the attainment of European citizenship.
Salary Packages

At our company, we offer highly competitive salary packages that exceed market rates for the following roles:

  • Junior associates (1 to 3 years with the firm)
  • Senior associates (2 to 6 years with the firm)
  • Technical directors (5 years with the firm)
Support and Coaching

Throughout your consulting journey on the client site, you will have continuous support and coaching from our senior directors in the back office, providing technical and managerial assistance whenever needed.

As you progress, you will take on more leadership responsibilities and in turn, support the younger generation of engineers who join our organization.

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